In V.tro / Larsen + z’ev

La forma geometrica di uno scanning medico incorpora immagini di cellule ricomponendosi a fiore e introducendo elementi imprecisi di un immaginario scientifico. Sul lato destro della cover, la L rovesciata, costante di tutte le copertine dei Larsen, ricompare definita da crocini che rimandano a puntatori di macchinari medici. Qui sotto le note tecniche riguardanti la nascita del progetto:

“Larsen and Z”ev In V.tro is a soundtrack for micro-cinematic images that document the studies on cells of theIstituto di Anatomia Umana Normale (Basic Human Anatomy Institute), between 1935 and1985. Visuals are from a studio by professors Dario Cantino and Antonio Barasa, teachers of these Scientific Institutes. By browsing great quantities of original footage on films kept in the local University with a scientific and reasoned view, Cantino and Barasa wanted to go back over the stages of history and techniques of in vitro cultures and their documented shootings, to pay tribute to the Maestro of anatomical discipline, professor Giuseppe Levi. Not only professor Levi had the intuition of the great potential of the in vitro studies of cells, using the technique developed by american zoologist Ross G. Harrison, he also enforced his studies on cells with cinema techniques, using single frames taken by optical microscope edited and sped up, obtaining a cinematic footage.

These exceptionals scientific documents still represent today a useful tool for studies and researches in a lot of medical branches like Cellular BiologyHistology and Microscopic Anatomy.”

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